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Let's join together to improve lives, our environment and revolutionise the building and manufacturing industries to make positive changes for the future!

By becoming a member of the Canvas Club, you can actively offset your own carbon footprint and contribute towards improving our environment. Even further, by sharing with your friends and other like-minded people, you will increase your carbon offsetting again when they join.

Having a Canvas Club crowdfunding subscription means you can access and support new brands and companies developing hemp or bio-based products focusing on sustainability and positive environmental change.

Join today and become part of the hemp revolution!

  • What It Is

    Canvas Club helps address your impact on the environment to benefit the planet and our future.

    Your crowdfunding subscriptions will fund:

    • Your carbon offset & tree-planting credits
    • Our research and development of bio-based cladding & insulation
    • Support our charity partner, Practical Action, to fund the Renewable Energy For Agriculture project in Malawi.
    Not only will you be doing good, but we'll involve you in our expanding like-minded community.

    You'll receive timely emails with a roundup of the latest news in the world hemp innovation from across the globe, as well as invitations to supporter events.

  • How Does It Work

    For each £ you subscribe:

    • 15% will go towards your personal carbon offsetting & tree-planting balance
    • 25% will go towards supporting our charity partner, Practical Action, in their projects.
    • 40-60% supports the R&D of new bio-based cladding materials.

    As a Canvas Club member, you also get additional personal carbon credits by promoting the club to family, friends and colleagues through carbon offset commissions. The more people you introduce, the more credit you earn. Overall, we aim for 35% of all subscriptions to go towards carbon offsetting & tree-planting due to a genuinely engaged community that will benefit from an enhanced personal carbon offset balance.

    By using our carbon calculator tool, you can gauge the emissions you aim to offset. Holidays, commutes, family life can all be totted up to work out your monthly cost.

    Whatever the size of your household or company, you can compare your contribution to your or your organisation's carbon footprint.

  • How You Will Benefit

    Knowing that you're helping the planet is a great feeling, but there are other benefits too.

    By spreading the word, you will accumulate more carbon credits by introducing your friends, family and colleagues to the Canvas Club through your Dashboard. The Dashboard will let you see how your network is growing, your carbon credit commission (£10 = 1 tonne + 1 tree) stats and provide you with easy sharing functionality across your social channels.

    We are creating a genuinely engaged and vibrant group and plan to organise regular meet-ups and events that enhance the Hemspan® message. As our community grows, we will add exclusive benefits by introducing innovative companies to the Canvas Club, strengthening our values and ideals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do the Carbon Offset payments go?

    All Carbon Offset commissions accrued by Canvas Club members are paid into a bespoke Carbon offset Scheme via Carbon Footprint Ltd. Carbon Offset Ltd provide a portfolio of projects that meet the requirements under the Quality Assurance Standard (QAS) for Carbon Offsetting.

  • What does the R&D funding pay for?

    Pure Research & Development (R&D). Canvas Club subscriptions directed to cover R&D costs will never pay for management salaries or other central overheads unless they are directly related to the research & development of bio-based cladding, insulation and building system technologies.

  • Who makes sure we do what we say we will?

    The company has gone to great lengths to appoint senior board executives with a strong track record of board governance across SME's and multi-national companies. The board will appoint additional non-exec directors that will be tasked with holding the executive team to account as well as the appointment of independent auditors.

  • Is my subscription an investment?

    No. Subscriptions are purely reward based and are not classed as an investment or any other similar financial instrument.

  • Why doesn't the company pay for R&D?

    In the future the company will be able to fund R&D from profits but for the next 3-5 years additional funding is required to accelerate our mission to disrupt conventional construction and de-carbonise the built environment. Every effort will be taken to obtain grant funding from government schemes to achieve maximum impact.

  • What happens to subscription once the company begins to fund its own R&D?

    All unallocated R&D subscription funds will be diverted to our chosen charity at this point.

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