Building Sustainable Homes That Won't Cost The Earth

Providing premium Net-Zero Carbon residential homes with our timber and hemp-based system.

Delivering Net-Zero Housing

Premium hemp-based homes that deliver Net-Zero Carbon emissions in the construction phase, on average saving 50 Tonnes of C02 compared to conventional construction.

Annual emissions are reduced by around 5 Tonnes of C02 per year for each build, keeping the homeowner's energy and utility costs low.

Our high-quality aspirational homes conform to Passivhaus performance standards, meet the objectives of local planning authorities in addition to being aligned to national policy demand for new housing and net-zero 2030 targets and sustainable development goals.

Working with PIXEL-ARC, we are creating homes for the future. With the understanding that the buildings we inhabit impact our daily experiences, PIXEL-ARC design with the ethos that homes should bring optimism, joy and functionality. Together, we share the view that following good design and innovation practices, we initiate a positive impact, improving the world that we live in.

Delivering Homes That:

  • Lock in Carbon

    Hemspan® homes lock up more energy than they produce during the construction phase and produce more energy than they use when inhabited.

  • Natural Materials

    Hemspan® homes use hemp and other natural bio-based materials delivered at a comparable cost versus conventional brick and block construction.

  • Passivhaus

    Hemspan® homes are designed and built to Passivhaus performance standards, delivering exceptionally low running costs, which will consistently save money.

  • LABC Guaranteed

    Hemspan® homes come with a 10-year warranty as standard, giving peace of mind.

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